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Chef Allie’s about ME

Hi there! My name is Allison Hancock ( Please call me Allie ) I’m a certified chef, Wife and Mom of 3 ( Ava, Addison & Aiden ) we call ourselves the A-Team. I attended Connecticut Culinary Institute right out of high school. I then moved around all in the culinary world from being a cake decorator, Baker, head chef as well as a few restaurant manager and kitchen manager positions.

After having 3 children I gained a total of 105 pounds total with all pregnancies. I was able to get some weight off, but I didn’t enjoy the “diets” or working out. After having our 3rd child Aiden, I had a near death experience with postpartum preeclampsia. I was at my highest weight of 240 pounds! After that scare I decided I needed to make a change. I joined weight watchers on February 5th 2019. I put my culinary knowledge to the test, made an Instagram account just dedicated to cooking, sharing my recipes and my weight loss success and today I am 101 pounds down! The food I make is food I used to eat but in healthier ways! I do not like depriving myself at meals and I need to be satisfied and full! So I work with different ingredients to make what I used love even better yet healthy! Hope you enjoy!


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