Creamy Herb Cauliflower Alfredo Pasta With Roasted Veggies & Chicken

Creamy Herb Cauliflower Alfredo Pasta With Roasted Veggies & Chicken


This dish will blow your mind! Want to indulge in an Alfredo dish without all of those calories but still taste out of this world amazing!? You will be shocked at how delicious my cauliflower Alfredo sauce is, you’ll be licking the spoon!

My cauliflower Alfredo sauce has become a staple in our house now. It is so delicious, healthy & easy to make! It’s so velvety , smooth and rich like your traditional Alfredo but a healthier alternative.

7 Bites on Balance
1 WW 🟣 6 🔵 7 🟢
323 Calories

• 1 Box(16 oz. ) @barilla whole wheat linguine
• 1 Cup reserved pasta water
• 2 Pints grape tomatoes
• 2-3 Zucchini sliced
• @daksspices Italian Blast
• 1/2 Bag Frozen @traderjoes roasted corn
• Steam in bag @birdseyevegetables frozen broccoli or roast fresh
• 1 @costco Rotisserie chicken breast

• 1 Large cauliflower head
• 1/2 Cup @alouettecheese reduced garlic & herb
• 1/4 unsweetened almond milk
• 1 tsp @aldiusa garlic paste
• Zest & lemon juice of 1 lemon
• 1/2 tsp dried Basil
• 1/2 tsp dried Oregano
• Garlic salt
• Pepper to taste

• Lemon zest,juice, greens & 1 tsp @superfuzedkitchen oil 12CHEFALLIE for 12% off ( link in Instagram bio )

• Preheat your oven to 425
• Roast all of your veggies including the cauliflower. Season with salt , pepper , @daksspices Italian Blast and light spray of avocado oil.About 20-30 mins. for all
• Take the cauliflower,place into a blender ( I use my @vitamix ). Add the @alouettecheese , almond milk,garlic paste, lemon zest, lemon juice, dried Basil, oregano. Blend until velvety smooth. Season with garlic salt & pepper to taste.
• When ready to prepare the pasta, reserve 1 cup of pasta water and set aside.
• In a large pan, pour the cauliflower Alfredo sauce, loosen with the pasta water ( a little at a time )
• Place the pasta in & mix up until coated. Add more pasta water if you need to loosen sauce.
• Add the veggies and chicken & toss until coated
• Season with salt & pepper to taste. Serve & Garnish with lemon zest, a squeeze of lemon juice & your choice of green garnish

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