Easy & Extra Cheesy Philly Cheesesteaks

Easy & Extra Cheesy Philly Cheesesteaks


I’ve mastered the Philly cheesesteak! This one is definitely my best one yet! If you need an easy and super delicious dinner look no further!

Once again, I made my Philly including toasting up the bread on my Steel Made flat top ( grab one in my Instagram bio ).

This Philly cheesesteak is made with the best London broil deli meat, ooey gooey American cheese, mozzarella , a little sweetness from roasted red peppers & sautéed onions with a tiny kick of heat from the pepperonchinis! This has it all! T

This delicious Philly Cheesesteak was done in less than 15 minutes! That’s what I call a win win in the busy mom life!

8 WW 🔵🟣🟢

9 Bites on Better Balance

473 Calories

Recipe is for one:


• 1 Spinella’s Portuguese roll

• 6 oz. Dietz & Watson London Broil deli meat ( I ask the deli for thinly sliced almond shaved )

• Dak’s Spices Steakhouse seasoning

• 2 Shop Rite non fat American cheese slices

• 28g FF Kraft mozzarella cheese

• Sautéed roasted red peppers( sliced or chopped)

• Sliced onions

• Chopped pepperonchinis

• Salt & Pepper to taste

• Dill pickle mustard or mustard of your choice ( optional )


• In a pan or what I use ( Steel Made flat top, can find a link for that in my Instagram bio ) toast up the bun and set aside

• Sauté the roasted red peppers, onions and pepperonchinis until lightly golden and set aside

• Place the roast beef down, add the Dak’s steakhouse seasoning, roasted red peppers, onions and pepperonchinis until combine. Add the cheese and let melt or what I use is a cheese melting dome ( I use Cuisinart, I also have it linked in my Amazon store in my Instagram bio )

• Add everything to the roll and add your choice of condiments or leave as is.

• Enjoy!

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