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  • Big Mac Tacos

    Big Mac Tacos

    chefallieskitchen Big Mac Tacos Have you had the viral Big Mac Tacos yet?  Enjoy two of these amazing Big Mac Tacos for only 6 WW and 310 calories. Want to check out my original Big Mac Taco recipe from 2021? Click HERE Original picture from recipe in 2021 above Here is what you need: Avocado…

  • Breakfast Tacos

    Breakfast Tacos

    chefallieskitchen Breakfast Tacos   I personally love tacos and could eat them every single day. These are delicious and so low in WW points as well as calories. Enjoy ALL three of these yummy breakfast tacos for only 5 WW and 448 calories. These tacos are PACKED with protein, keeping you full for hours. Here…

  • Air Fried Empanadas

    Air Fried Empanadas

    chefallieskitchen Air Fried Empanadas   These are AMAZING and if you haven’t made them yet, what are you waiting for? You can usually get 7-8 servings at two empanadas per person.  Enjoy 2 empanadas for only 6 WW.  Here is what you need: My Bizzy Kitchen Skinny Pizza Dough, Click HERE for recipe Ground beef…

  • Crispy Breakfast Tacos

    Crispy Breakfast Tacos

    chefallieskitchen Crispy Breakfast Tacos These are something that is SO EASY and is also a yummy twist on breakfast.  You can have all 4 tacos for 4 WW, 431 calories and that is AMAZING! Here is what you need: Air fryer or oven Mission ultra-thin corn yellow tortillas Fat free refried beans Eggs or egg…

  • Buffalo Chicken Crispy Tacos

    Buffalo Chicken Crispy Tacos

    chefallieskitchen Buffalo Chicken Crispy Tacos         The anticipation of this recipe was real. These are a meal I now have on repeat as well as just my chicken recipe that is used for this. The chicken is so versatile for so many other things like salads, wraps, tacos, just as is without…

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