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  • Cheeseburger Wrap

    Cheeseburger Wrap

    chefallieskitchen Introducing the Cheeseburger Wrap – the ultimate fusion of flavors that will have your taste buds doing a happy dance! We’ve taken the classic cheeseburger and given it a deliciously unexpected twist. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy patty, perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of spices, nestled inside a warm, flatbread…

  • Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

    Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

    chefallieskitchen Chili Lime Chicken Burgers Wow is all I have to say about my Chili Lime Chicken Burgers! This was a HIGHLY requested flavor and it was DELICIOUS! Each patty is 0 WW and 226 calories. With the bun and fix-ins it is 4 WW and 422 calories with 47.7 grams of protein in it. …

  • Chicken Caesar Burger Patties

    Chicken Caesar Burger Patties

    chefallieskitchen Chicken Caesar Burger Patties These we INSANELY delicious!!!!!! My favorite thing is chicken caesar so I NEEDED to make a new flavor for patties.  You can have this MASSIVE burger patty for ONLY 2 WW and ONLY 337 calories. It is PACKED with 53.7 grams of protein. These make GREAT meal prep and very…

  • Spicy Turkey and Bean Burger Patties

    Spicy Turkey and Bean Burger Patties

    chefallieskitchen Spicy Turkey and Bean Burger Patties These turkey burgers came out AMAZING and a definite repeat for a meal in this house. Each burger patty is 1 WW, 246 calories and has 41.3 grams of protein (without bun and toppings) so, the possibilities are endless.  You can use these for so many things and…

  • Smash Burgers

    Smash Burgers

    chefallieskitchen Smash Burger Whomever says you cannot have a MASSIVE, delicious & BIG burger on your weight loss journey or maintenance journey is lying! This beauty was AMAZING, only 8 WW points, 446 calories (burger only) and packed with grams of 57.9 grams of protein. Serve it with a side of veggies, or what I…

  • Smash Burgers Two Ways

    Smash Burgers Two Ways

    chefallieskitchen Smash Burgers Two Ways     We have been making smash burgers for a few years now and they are the only way we will be making them from now on. Not only are they extremely easy to make they are absolutely delicious and kid friendly. These burgers are done in minutes because the…

  • Big Mac Tacos with Special Sauce

    Big Mac Tacos with Special Sauce

    chefallieskitchen Big Mac Tacos with Special Sauce These tacos tasted just like the real thing! My special sauce is so close to the real thing you’ll be amazed! My new favorite, it only took about 30 minutes to put together and this will definitely be on rotation in this household and yours as well. You…

  • Quesadilla Burger With A Smoky Chipotle Mayo

    Quesadilla Burger With A Smoky Chipotle Mayo

    chefallieskitchen Need a new twist on a cheeseburger? This was so fun to put together and absolutely delicious! The fun twist on a burger bun with the mini cheese quesadillas, creamy avocados and smoky mayo.

  • Mushroom And Gorgonzola Smash Burger

    Mushroom And Gorgonzola Smash Burger

    chefallieskitchen Can we please just look at this burger! How delicious does this look? Probably one of my favorite combinations! Add some bacon and I’ll be one happy girl! Smash burgers are probably the easier way to make burgers and they taste amazing!!! So simple, so fast and so so good! Since getting out Steel…

  • Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

    Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

    chefallieskitchen Ohhhhhmmmmerrrrrggeerrddd! This beauty right here was by far the best “fried” chicken sandwich I’ve made yet!! Super easy and scrumptious! 😋 Made this bad boy in my air fryer who is my best friend!        The ultimate restaurant style buffalo chicken sandwich with less guilt

  • Cheeseburger Pie

    Cheeseburger Pie

    chefallieskitchen An oldie but a good one. This Cheeseburger pie has been a favorite in this household for years now. This is just a lightened-up version of the one I would make pre weight loss journey. This Cheeseburger Pie is kid and husband approved. It would make for a great meal prep lunch or dinner…

  • Smash Burger Salad 🍔 🥗

    Smash Burger Salad 🍔 🥗

    chefallieskitchen This burger salad features all of your favorite burger fixin’s , it even has burger bun croutons! This salad is delicious , hearty and so so flavorful! You can customize this salad however you’d like, get creative! I topped mine with my homemade Gorgonzola Ranch Dressing, mustard & some spicy sriracha! RECIPE IS FOR…

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