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  • Chicken, Cheddar, Ranch and Bacon Wrap

    Chicken, Cheddar, Ranch and Bacon Wrap

    chefallieskitchen Chicken, Cheddar, Ranch and Bacon Wrap I have been ALL about the wraps lately. They are not only easy but so delicious and packed with flavor. Enjoy this MASSIVE wrap for 7 WW, 437 calories with a WHOPPING 62 grams of protein. Click HERE for the WW points in the WW app.  Here is…

  • Chef Allie’s Meatball Wrap

    Chef Allie’s Meatball Wrap

    chefallieskitchen Chef Allie’s Meatball Wrap Have you tried my Chicken Meatballs In Red Sauce yet? If not, what are you waiting for? This meatball wrap just takes them to another level. Enjoy this meatball wrap for only 5 WW and 442 calories.  Here is what you will need: Joseph flax, oat bran and whole wheat…

  • Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

    Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

    chefallieskitchen Chili Lime Chicken Burgers Wow is all I have to say about my Chili Lime Chicken Burgers! This was a HIGHLY requested flavor and it was DELICIOUS! Each patty is 0 WW and 226 calories. With the bun and fix-ins it is 4 WW and 422 calories with 47.7 grams of protein in it. …

  • Chef Allie’s Deluxe Turkey Club

    Chef Allie’s Deluxe Turkey Club

    chefallieskitchen Chef Allie’s Deluxe Turkey Club    Who doesn’t love a MASSIVE sandwich? I know I do! Enjoy Chef Allie’s Deluxe Turkey Club for 7 WW, 378 calories and it has 36 grams of protein in it.  Here is what you need: Egg cooker or pot for water Low carb Eat Royo buns (code:chefallie10) or…

  • Easy Breakfast Sandwich

    Easy Breakfast Sandwich

    chefallieskitchen Easy Breakfast Sandwich This was a TikTok sandwich hack that went viral and has been a staple since I saw it. It is extremely easy to make and is very filling. It is only 4 WW, 346 calories and packed with 39.7 grams of protein. Here is what you need: Non-stick pan Avocado oil…

  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich with Fig Jam

    Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich with Fig Jam

    chefallieskitchen Have you ever had a McDonald’s sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches with the grape jelly before? Or any fast-food breakfast sandwiches with grape jelly added? I know, sounds weird… Ok, well back in high school my friend Alex and I would head to McDonald’s in the morning and grab a sausage, egg and cheese…

  • Chicken Patty Breakfast Sandwich

    Chicken Patty Breakfast Sandwich

    chefallieskitchen Easy breakfast sandwich PACKED full of protein to keep you full for hours! This delicious bagel breakfast sandwich took less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Makes great for busy people. An easy breakfast sandwich for busy people packed with protein

  • Lightened Up Tuna Melt

    Lightened Up Tuna Melt

    chefallieskitchen I love a good tuna melt, but they can tend to be a massive amount of calories and a lot of WW points. It’s was super simple to put together and your typical tuna melt at a restaurant can run you a large 32 WW points from Friendly’s and 891 calories. My lightened version…

  • Buffalo Chicken Chalupa

    Buffalo Chicken Chalupa

    chefallieskitchen Buffalo Chicken anything is a BIG part of my food life. I absolutely love anything that is buffalo chicken style and I love to be able to switch it up. This is such an easy meal that is super filling. Very low in points for WW and bites for Healthi members. It is also…

  • Veggie Breakfast Sandwich with Garlic Yogurt Sauce and Greens

    Veggie Breakfast Sandwich with Garlic Yogurt Sauce and Greens

    chefallieskitchen I know I say this a lot, but this is probably the best breakfast sandwich I’ve made! My Roasted Garlic Yogurt Sauce took this to the next level combined with the roasted veggies and micro greens. Not to mention, the Eat Royo bagels are one of my FAVORITE low carb bagels on the market.…

  • Pepperoni Breakfast Sandwich

    Pepperoni Breakfast Sandwich

    chefallieskitchen A delicious twist on a breakfast sandwich that just works!

  • Spinach & Artichoke Open Face Breakfast Sandwich

    Spinach & Artichoke Open Face Breakfast Sandwich

    chefallieskitchen One of my all-time favorite dips is spinach and artichoke so i decided to make a quick and easy breakfast using a lightened-up version or the dip and place that onto a bagel with a few eggs. It was AMAZING! Take the amazing spinach & artichoke dip and make it into a delicious breakfast…

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