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  • Grilled Veggie Salad with Blue Cheese

    Grilled Veggie Salad with Blue Cheese

    chefallieskitchen Grilled Veggie Salad with Blue Cheese Another amazing grilled vegetable salad. Make as a meal prep meal or serve with your favorite protein. Enjoy this for 1 WW and only 122 calories. Here is what you need: Asparagus Red bell pepper Yellow squash Zucchini Red onion Corn  Grape tomatoes Garlic powder Dried Oregano Blue…

  • Broccoli Blueberry Salad with Chickpeas

    Broccoli Blueberry Salad with Chickpeas

    chefallieskitchen Broccoli Blueberry Salad with Chickpeas This was such a good salad. It sounds bizarre but it totally works and was delicious. Enjoy this for 2 WW and only 142 calories. Here is what you need: Broccoli Canned chickpeas Blueberries Cucumbers Carrots Dried cranberries with reduced sugar Red onions Sunflower seeds Avocado oil Apple cider…

  • Cucumber Salad with Feta & Chickpeas

    Cucumber Salad with Feta & Chickpeas

    chefallieskitchen Cucumber Salad with Feta & Chickpeas When I think of the summer, I think of a lot of side dishes and salads.  I love being able to pack up a dish like this and take it to the beach or just down by the pool. Enjoy 1/2 a cup of this salad for 0…

  • Grilled Veggie Salad with Balsamic Glaze & Goat Cheese

    Grilled Veggie Salad with Balsamic Glaze & Goat Cheese

    chefallieskitchen Grilled Veggie Salad with Balsamic Glaze & Goat Cheese When I think of summer, I think of this amazing grilled veggie combination. The flavors of this are so delicious. This takes minutes to prep and only about 15 minutes to cook. Makes an awesome meal prep or pizza topping. Add a protein like chicken…

  • Buffalo Cauliflower

    Buffalo Cauliflower

    chefallieskitchen Buffalo Cauliflower   LOVE cauliflower and I LOVE buffalo ANYTHING! This is a great way to have a lighter and low carb and low-calorie version of the buffalo chicken wings. They come out amazing and you can eat SO much for so little WW points and calories. This recipe serves 2 for 3 WW…

  • Broccoli Caesar Salad

    Broccoli Caesar Salad

    chefallieskitchen Broccoli Caesar Salad Taking the traditional Caesar salad and turning it into something amazing and different I fell in love with this nontraditional Caesar salad. It was easy to make, and the flavors were incredible together.  It was also a really great meal to meal prep for the week as well. Pair with an…

  • Pumpkin Sage Hummus

    Pumpkin Sage Hummus

    chefallieskitchen The perfect Thanksgiving appetizer!    How gorgeous is this? This came together so easily and tastes amazing!   Here is what you will need: Food processor Canned chickpeas Pure pumpkin puree  Tahini Cumin All spice Paprika Lemon juice Olie oil Minced garlic Fresh sage Roasted pumpkin seeds   Here is the food processor that…

  • Pickle and Ranch Dip

    Pickle and Ranch Dip

    chefallieskitchen Pickle and Ranch Dip This recipe was inspired by the Costco Fried Pickle & Ranch Dip. It’s so good but I wanted to be able to eat more for less guilt. So, I decided to create a healthier version with less WW points and less calories. Enjoy this as a dip, on a wrap,…

  • Pico De Gallo

    Pico De Gallo

    chefallieskitchen My Pico De Gallo recipe is beyond delicious and so fresh tasting. I love this on top of some eggs, on my tacos, on top of some protein, in a salad or just with some tortilla chips. It is so easy to prepare and so versatile. The easiest recipe that is so versatile from…

  • Texas Caviar

    Texas Caviar

    chefallieskitchen For over 10 years even coming up to 20 years this recipe has been in our family. It is especially made in the summertime to bring to BBQ’s, parties, to the beach, poolside, you name it, it’s a hit! I decided a few years ago to lighten it up because there was a lot…

  • Roasted Rainbow Cauliflower

    Roasted Rainbow Cauliflower

    chefallieskitchen I personal LOVE roasted vegetables and I love a vegetable or side dish that takes little to zero effort. My Roasted Rainbow Cauliflower is done in no time and all cooked on a sheet pan which equals easy clean up. Make this for your next dinner party or holiday table. Either way, your guests…

  • Double Chocolate Banana Bread

    Double Chocolate Banana Bread


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