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  • Big Mac Tacos with Special Sauce

    Big Mac Tacos with Special Sauce

    chefallieskitchen Big Mac Tacos with Special Sauce These tacos tasted just like the real thing! My special sauce is so close to the real thing you’ll be amazed! My new favorite, it only took about 30 minutes to put together and this will definitely be on rotation in this household and yours as well. You…

  • Skinny Taco & Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash

    Skinny Taco & Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash

    chefallieskitchen How adorable is this? Just in time for the fall holidays and chilly nights! Squash has to be my all time favorite vegetable. You can do so many things with it and its absolutely amazing! I took this big acorn squash, roasted it and then stuffed it with this lightened taco & cauliflower rice…

  • The Best Chili

    The Best Chili

    chefallieskitchen The Best Chili This chili is a family favorite all year round but even more popular in the colder months. It is kid friendly and amazing as leftovers or for those that love to meal prep. One serving is 3 WW for 1 1/2 cups and this recipe serves 9. Click HERE for Chef…

  • Steak Burrito

    Steak Burrito

    chefallieskitchen I have been all about burritos lately because they are not only easy, they are delicious and you can stuff them with so much!I took my leftover steak from the night before and remade it into something else!

  • Quesadilla Burger With A Smoky Chipotle Mayo

    Quesadilla Burger With A Smoky Chipotle Mayo

    chefallieskitchen Need a new twist on a cheeseburger? This was so fun to put together and absolutely delicious! The fun twist on a burger bun with the mini cheese quesadillas, creamy avocados and smoky mayo.

  • Birria Tacos

    Birria Tacos

    chefallieskitchen Alright everyone, the hype is real with the Birria tacos! This is our second time making these and we will be making them at least once a month! They are so delicious, our house smelled amazing all day and they are so flavorful!The beef just melts in your mouth and the sauce just takes…

  • Steak Tips And Eggs

    Steak Tips And Eggs

    chefallieskitchen Today was Father's Day and my husband Steve loves steak! So I decided to make him some delicious steak and eggs using amazing quality steak from Butcher Box. If you are ever interested in Butcher Box, please head to my homepage and click the links and code tab to grab yourself some.This came together…

  • Cheesy Beef and Bean Enchiladas

    Cheesy Beef and Bean Enchiladas

    chefallieskitchen By far one of the easiest recipes, I’ve made and one of our family favorites! You can have TWO for only 6 WW and 321 calories! (calories are without yogurt topping) but you can certainly substitute for lean ground turkey or chicken for lower points and calories.  These cheesy beef and bean enchiladas are…

  • Mushroom And Gorgonzola Smash Burger

    Mushroom And Gorgonzola Smash Burger

    chefallieskitchen Can we please just look at this burger! How delicious does this look? Probably one of my favorite combinations! Add some bacon and I’ll be one happy girl! Smash burgers are probably the easier way to make burgers and they taste amazing!!! So simple, so fast and so so good! Since getting out Steel…

  • Easy & Extra Cheesy Philly Cheesesteaks

    Easy & Extra Cheesy Philly Cheesesteaks

    chefallieskitchen I’ve mastered the Philly cheesesteak! This one is definitely my best one yet! If you need an easy and super delicious dinner look no further! Once again, I made my Philly including toasting up the bread on my Steel Made flat top ( grab one in my Instagram bio ). This Philly cheesesteak is…

  • Cheeseburger Pie

    Cheeseburger Pie

    chefallieskitchen An oldie but a good one. This Cheeseburger pie has been a favorite in this household for years now. This is just a lightened-up version of the one I would make pre weight loss journey. This Cheeseburger Pie is kid and husband approved. It would make for a great meal prep lunch or dinner…

  • Cheesy Gordita Crunch With Homemade Baja Sauce

    Cheesy Gordita Crunch With Homemade Baja Sauce

    chefallieskitchen Run right now and get everything you need to make this!! If you are a Taco Bell fan and LOVE Cheesy Gordita Crunch like I do and haven’t had one in a long time because, well…it’s a lot of points then I’m happy to tell you…. I’ve pretty much mastered these babies!!!! As a…

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